Our babies are the apple of our eyes! Read on to know what, according to the latest research, will improve the child’s immunity.

Child’s health and safety are the foremost important things in every parent’s mind. From stocking up hand sanitizers to banning frequent trips from the visitors to keeping anyone with even the slightest sniffle nose away from the baby, the new mothers practically work on a war footing for the initial few months.

Here is a new research that will certainly bring a sense of relief to the new mother’s regarding the health and immunity of their babies.

You might have felt disgusted when some mothers clean the child’s pacifier with their mouth before giving it to the little one, but it actually does a lot good to your baby!

According to a recent research at the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology (ACAAI) the scientists found a link between swapping pacifier spit and lowering of future allergies. This study was conducted for over 18 months and it was found that children whose mother sucked the pacifier to clean it had a low level of IgE, which is an antibody that is associated to the allergic response.

It is been suspected that this low level of the allergic response may be a result of the microbes that have been transferred from the mother’s mouth to the baby via the pacifier.

However, scientists still suggest a need for more follow up studies on the same topic as this study was conducted on a small sample size of just 128 mothers. So, this promising concept needs further detailing as there are chances of cavity causing bacteria getting transferred from the parent’s mouth to that of the infant, which can lead to tooth decay as the child grows.

This study is somewhat similar to the earlier one, according to which, children who bite their nails and suck their thumbs are less likely to develop allergies. In fact, being exposed to roach, rodent, livestock, and pets have been deemed to reduce the response to allergies, asthma, and wheezing as well.

Some researchers believe that a child’s immune system gets stronger as and when it gets exposed to different allergens. However, it has to be learned that the immune system of children builds over time and breast feeding is the number one way to build a stronger defense. Further to that, as the child grows it is important to imbibe healthy eating habits in them for their immune system to stay strong.