• almonds, peeled 150 g
  • Water 1 liter
  • Honey 60 g

Almond milk is an easy and refreshing drink recipe you can serve as a snack or for a nutritious breakfast. Better than the store-bought one, this is a healthy and vegan substitute to the most common cow's milk. Almond milk is appreciated for its strong taste and for its nutritional properties. Rich in minerals, calcium and Omega3, it has a lot of benefits.

Almond milk is also dairy-free as it does not contain lactose, so it's also perfect for those who suffer from intolerances or allergies. This recipe is easier than you may think and calls for only three ingredientsalmonds, water and honey. Even children love almond milk, especially if you add a syrup to make it even sweeter. So, let's find out how to prepare homemade almond milk step by step.

How to make Almond Milk

Making homemade almond milk is far easier than you may think. You just need three ingredients and a blender. Start by soaking the peeled almonds in a bowl with half a liter of water. Let them soak for one hour, then pour everything into a blender. Add 500 ml of extra water and the honey, then blend until smooth.

Once you get a creamy mixture, filter it and bottle the almond milk. You can store it in the refrigerator or serve it right away.


– You can use again leftover almond pulp to make cakes and cookies.

– For a more fiber-rich almond milk, use fresh and unpeeled almonds.

– For a sweeter almond milk, you can replace honey with granulated sugar in the same quantities. Otherwise, if you prefer unsweetened almond milk

Shake the bottle for a few seconds before serving homemade almond milk.

– You can customize this recipe according to your taste by adding new flavors.

– Be sure to store homemade almond milk in a sterilized bottle.

How to use Almond Milk

You can use almond milk in many different ways. Add it to some recipes with tropical flavors such as a lentil soup, chickpea curry, or Asian coconut rice.

How to store Almond Milk

Homemade almond milk can be stored for 4 days in the fridge. If you want to make your almond milk last longer, boil it before you bottle it. In this case, the shelf life is up to 10/15 days.


Soak the peeled almonds in a bowl with half a liter of water for one hour. Pour the almonds and water into a blender, add 500 ml of water and the honey, then blend until creamy and smooth.

Filter the almond cream using a clean cloth or a fine-mesh strainer.


Finally, bottle the almond milk and store it in the refrigerator or enjoy it immediately with ice cubes.