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How to make cappuccino at home and what mistakes to avoid

Total time: 5 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 1 person
By Cookist
a cup
125 ml

The cappuccino is the perfect food to start the day, you know, even better if accompanied by a soft and sweet brioche. An Italian recipe, it is now known all over the world and it has become a true symbol of Italy. To make it perfect, you need 125 ml of milk, a cup of coffee and the famous foam. Many people think that it takes a steam machine to do it, but we can assure you that you can enjoy a cappuccino with a frothy and soft foam even at home. Here are some tips to prepare a perfect cappuccino even without the steam machine used in bars.


There are several ways to prepare a well-foamed cappuccino even without the use of a steam machine. We can use kitchen whisks, a dipping blender, a jar or many other methods!


Take the milk and heat it in a saucepan without boiling it, then whip the milk with the electric whisk that you commonly use to prepare your desserts. (1)



Heat the milk and pour it into a container with high sides, with the immersion blender whip it for about 3 minutes until you see the foam on the surface. (2)



The simplest and "home-made" method: you just need a jar and a microwave oven. Pour the heated but not boiling milk into the jar and mix vigorously for about thirty seconds. You will see that the milk will start to froth. Then remove the lid of the jar and heat it in the microwave for another 20 seconds. (3) This process also works with a plastic bottle, but do not use the microwave!


Milk beater

This is a very fine whisk, designed to froth milk: heat the milk, take your whisk and keep it in action until you see the foam appear. (4)



There are manuals and electric ones, and the process is very simple. Place the milk in the container that has a piston inside, making the piston go down and rise quickly will create bubbles of water that will froth the milk. (5)


Thermomix Robot Chef

Maybe not everyone knows this, but with the Thermomix Robot Chef you can also prepare an exquisite cappuccino! Pour the milk into the mixing bowl, and then operate at 80 ° for 5 minutes at speed 3.



The secret for an unmistakable foam is the skimming of milk: it is advisable to use whole milk, even if it is slightly less digestible, it will allow you to obtain a great cappuccino.


Do you know how to recognize a perfect foam? When you pour the sugar over, if you see it go down and immediately after you see the foam come back compact then you will have prepared a perfect cappuccino!

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