How to Make Crunchy Parmesan Baskets With Eggs and Salad

Total time: 10 min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 4 people
By Cookist

If you want to impress your friends, these parmesan baskets filled with salad are the perfect idea. These baskets are so easy to make, just let the cheese cook for a few minutes, cool, and fill with salad and eggs, chicken, or any ingredient you choose. Eat the filling, then eat the bowl! It's a great low-carb and gluten-free way to serve a salad! Put your twist on it by adding different spices and herbs and fill them with whatever you like, making them all different or all the same for a tasty quick appetizer!

What are Parmesan Baskets?

Parmesan baskets are small round pieces of grated parmesan cheese melted long enough to place over a glass cup or an upside-down muffin tin to give them little cup shapes making it perfect to fill with different ingredients and serve as an entirely edible appetizer for any occasion. Some popular ways to serve them are filled with crisp caesar salad, whipped goat's cheese mousse, and cold cuts with fruit.

What Can You Add to Your Parmesan Basket?

A popular filling for these baskets is salad. To the salad, you can add any kind of protein from smoked salad, chicken, or small mozzarella bites or eggs as we did.  You can also add nuts to create a crunchy and more flavorful experience.

Tips And Variations

  • You could add flavors to the Parmesan cheese before cooking the baskets. make them spicier by adding chili or cayenne pepper, or even more flavorful by adding dried herbs like thyme, basil, or oregano.
  • You can make mini bowls or medium-sized ones. Mini bowls could make a pretty and delicious appetizer.
  • You can also make them using the oven, just preheat the oven to 80C/350F, and bake in the oven for 4-5mins, or until the cheese has melted and is just turning golden. Remove from the oven and leave for 30 seconds, and with the help of a spatula lift the cheese and place over an upside-down muffin tray until cooled.

How to Store Parmesan Baskets

You can make them ahead and store them in the refrigerator in an airtight container. They will keep up to 5/7 days unfilled. Once they are filled, especially with something moist like a dip, it can start to moisten the cheese basket and it is best to eat them within a few hours.

Grated parmesan cheese
hard boiled eggs
Cherry tomatoes

How to Make Parmesan Baskets

Form a disc of parmesan cheese on a parchment paper rectangle and place in a hot pan.

When it starts to form bubbles and brown, remove it from the pan and let stand for 10 seconds on the countertop.

Gently fold it over an upside-down glass.

Let it take shape for a few seconds and once the basket is formed let it cool at least 2 minutes before filling.

Fill your baskets with your favorite ingredients

Serve and Enjoy!

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