How to make homemade Greek yogurt: a step-by-step tutorial

Total time: 195 Min
Difficulty: Low
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Greek yogurt is a very peculiar type of yogurt. Besides being light (only 112 calories), it differs from the classic one by its flavor – which is slightly sour – and its consistency. Indeed it is velvety, like a soft cheese, and more creamy. It is probably the most famous basic recipe of Greek cuisine. There are various types based on nutritional values: 9% fat, 2% fat and 0% fat Greek yogurt (9 grams of protein and 4 grams of carbohydrates). In the standard method, acidic serum proteins, caseins, are removed by taking the drip liquid off. Just because of its ingredients, Greek yogurt is great for recipes with tzatziki, a cucumber-flavored sauce. Spread it on a pita for an amazing lunch or dinner. Use it instead of whipped cream to make sweets and cakes such as cheesecake. Mix it with fruit, coffee or vanilla for breakfast and snacks.

How to make Greek yogurt without a yogurt maker


Here’s how to make homemade Greek yogurt. First of all, you have to get a white cotton cloth ad a ribbon. Place the cloth over a soup bowl. Pour the yogurt on the cloth and close it with the ribbon, like you’re making a bag. Hang the bowl over the sink so as to drain the water that comes out of it (for example, you may use a deep container, like a jug, and lean over a small colander on which you’ll place the bag. In this case, you do not have the weight of the yogurt, so just leave the bag to drain an extra hour). After a few hours (2/3 hours), open the cloth, remove the mix and place it in a bowl. Serve with the addition of nuts and honey. The organoleptic properties of Greek yogurt depend on the method, fermentation and filtration. The longer you filter the yogurt, the more it will appear thick for your recipes.

Greek yogurt benefits

Greek yogurt is an important food due to its nutritional values, has little lactose and, if it’s taken regularly, it can eliminate abdominal distension. For this reason, especially low-fat Greek yogurt is very popular among athletes since it is light and satisfies your hunger.

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