How to make puffed rice at home in a few simple steps

Instead of buying already packaged puffed rice in supermarkets, we can prepare some delicious puffed rice by ourselves at home. Let's see step by step how to do it: you can fasten your apron, it's really easy.

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We are used to buying it already packaged in supermarkets and if we prepared some delicious puffed rice by ourselves at home instead? Excellent to be enjoyed at breakfast to give us the right energy and a moderate calorie intake, perfect for preparing alternative breadings or as a substitute for bread in the form of a rice cake: puffed rice is more versatile than we think and above all it is very simple to prepare. Of course, the homemade preparation of puffed rice is not among the fastest ones, but the satisfaction of preparing something by yourself is priceless. Let's see step by step how to do it: you can fasten your apron, it's really easy.

Puffed rice: what it is and how to do it

The culinary principle that best explains what puffed rice is that of popcorn: the rice grains are in fact "dilated" by the effect of heat just like the crackling corn. Fragrant and light, puffed rice was born in India in ancient times as an offering to the gods. Over time it has become a much loved and consumed ingredient all over the world. Here's how to do it.

1. Clean the rice


Rice contains a low amount of moisture and yet that is the essential element that allows the beans to "swell" during cooking. To make the rice acquire moisture, leave it to soak for 10 minutes, rinse it several times and drain it only when the water is not clear and with impurities.

2. Boil the rice


Fill a saucepan with water, bring to a boil and pour the rice: cook over low heat for 30 minutes (do not pay attention to the cooking indications on the package, the rice must be literally overcooked). In this phase of cooking you can season your rice with a pinch of salt or sugar, depending on whether you want to prepare a sweet or savory puffed rice. When the rice has absorbed all the water you can put out the flame.

3. Drying


Once the rice is cooked, it will have to dry: gently spread it on a sheet of absorbent paper and let it dry for a whole day. If you don't have all this time or you just don't want to wait, bake it in the oven for 5 hours at 50° degrees.

4. Cooking


At this point of the preparation your rice is dry, and it's time to cook it: grease a baking tray with oil or butter and spread the rice grains evenly and cook for 2 hours at 50°C-125°F in a preheated oven. At the end of cooking, your rice will only have to cool down and will be ready to taste.

5. Tips and recipes


The best type of rice to prepare an excellent puffed rice is basmati one, a white and long grain rice. To cook it right you will have to consider the same quantities of water and rice: therefore, for example, a cup of water for each cup of rice.

Simply in a cup of milk or in more complex preparations, puffed rice can help you bring truly delicious dishes to the table: for a tasty and beautiful dessert you can try the recipe of the soft mars cake, a concentrate of sweetness.

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