• avocado 1
  • sushi rice 100 gr
  • black sesame 1 tbsp
  • white sesame 1 tbsp
  • Rice vinegar 2 tbsp
  • surimi 40 gr
  • Salmon 50 gr
  • Tuna 50 gr
  • philadelphia 1/4 cup
  • Chives

Most people associated the term ‘sushi’ with raw fish, but it actually refers to the method of preparation. Typically, rice is seasoned with vinegar and then used to prepare small bites with vegetables and raw fish (sashimi). It’s one of the most popular items on the menu these days. If you’ve ever tried making them at home, you’d know that it can become quite difficult at messy, with a lot of rolling involved! These Sushi Cubes are much easier and quicker to make than the traditional sushi rolls. Why? Because you simply make it in an ice cube tray. You only need sushi rice, avocado, salmon, tuna, rice vinegar, and sesame seeds. Instead of rolling, you simply add the ingredients in layers to the ice tray mold, refrigerate it, and then remove the sushi rolls from the ice tray. The crunchy sesame seeds go well with the sushi rice and seafood. You’ll love this easy recipe!

Tips for the Best Ice Cube Tray Sushi

– To make the prep easier and quicker, make sure you have everything you need before you start: ingredients, mixing bowl, veggie peeler, ice tray, and plastic wrap.

– Use a giant ice cube tray for bigger sushi rolls. If you can find a silicone ice tray mold, that will work even better!

– For a vegetarian option, omit the salmon and tuna, and use carrot, sushi, mushrooms, and fresh spinach.

– Instead of tuna and salmon, you can also use crab and prawn.

– Chop a nori sheet into small pieces and add it between the layers of ingredients. Round it off with a dollop of Japanese mayonnaise.

How to store Sushi Cubes

Store the sushi cubes for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator. Wrap the cubes with plastic wrap before storing them, to prevent them from picking up flavors in the fridge.

How to make Ice Cube Tray Sushi

Mix rice with white sesame seed and black sesame seed.

Add rice vinegar and mix through.

Cover the ice container with plastic wrap while pressing into the molds.

Peel the avocado and slice thinly.

Add the slices of avocado to the top row of the ice tray.

Add salmon and sushi rice to the avocado.

For the second sushi variety, add a thin slice of salmon to the ice tray mold and add Philadelphia cream cheese and sushi rice.

Fill the final mold with thinly sliced tuna, chives, and fill with sushi rice.

Continue until all the rows are filled. Chill for 30 min.

Carefully remove the plastic wrap.

Flip over the ice tray to remove the sushi.


Serve with pickled ginger, radish sprouts, and fresh wasabi paste. You can also make a dressing by mixing mayonnaise (looking for a Japanese brand), lime juice, and sesame oil.