For many of us, breakfast stands to be the most important meal of our otherwise very hectic day! Even though we have a large collection of breakfast recipes to choose from such as pancakes, sandwiches, grits, and casseroles, many of us still end up consuming the world fav eggs and egg preparations. Read on to know how to prepare the best version of scrambled eggs.

We all love to have eggs for breakfast. But, how about enjoying a real gourmet experience with minimum efforts and maximum taste prepared with the same type of eggs that you eat every day? Here are the tricks and tip for you to easily turn your ‘everyday scrambled egg’ to ‘the scrambled eggs you want to eat every day’!

  • Experts’ advice not to add milk or cream to eggs while whisking them as it will not make the eggs fluffier or creamier. Instead, an addition of milk turns them colorless and rubbery as it dilutes the flavor of the eggs. Some chefs agree that the only dairy ingredient one needs to prepare scrambled eggs is butter!
  • You must crack the eggs in to a separate bowl and whisk them well to get nice, soft, and even egg curds. Cracking the eggs open directly in to the pan and whisking in the pan itself will increase the risk of you adding egg shells to the final product and the egg lumps formed are not large curds but streaky scramble instead.
  • Correct cooking tools are of great help in preparing the perfect scrambled eggs. You must use a silicone spatula to avoid getting scratch marks on the non-stick pan and to mix the eggs well even from the corners and edges of the cooking pan. If not silicone spatula, you must use a heat proof spatula and avoid using a metal or wooden spatula to get the best result.
  • You must prepare scrambled eggs over low to medium heat else the eggs will turn dry and overcook. Much like other proteins, egg continues to cook even after they are removed from heat. So, try to cook the eggs in the final stage by removing the pan from heat and letting the eggs cook in heat of the pan itself before serving on to a platter.
  • To prepare perfect scrambled eggs, heat a pan on medium to low heat, melt some butter (and not brown it), pour whisked eggs to it and cook until the eggs start to set while stirring intermittently.
  • Add freshly shredded or crumbled cheese, fresh herbs, salt and black pepper powder to the eggs to enjoy smooth textured and fluffed up scrambled eggs!