How to Make Whipped Honey: the Easy Trick for Creamed Honey Ready in Just 10 Minutes!

Whipped honey solves the problem of crystallized honey, offering a smooth, spreadable alternative. Made by blending equal parts of liquid and crystallized honey for 10 minutes, it results in a creamy texture perfect for breakfast spreads or sweetening drinks. It doesn't need refrigeration, lasts months, and can be flavored with additions like cinnamon or vanilla. Whipped honey enhances various culinary applications.

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Honey is a beloved natural sweetener, cherished for its rich flavor and versatility. However, anyone who regularly reaches for their jar of honey knows the frustration of finding it crystallized, sticky, and hard to spread. This often happens when honey is stored at cooler temperatures, causing the glucose to separate and form crystals. But there is a solution to this common problem: whipped, or creamed, honey. This soft, airy cream transforms the way you enjoy honey, making it the perfect spread for your breakfast toast, a delightful topping for your afternoon pancakes, or a smooth sweetener for your tea or coffee.

What is Whipped Honey and How is it Made?

Whipped honey is essentially honey that has been processed to control crystallization, resulting in a smooth, spreadable consistency. It retains all the natural sweetness and flavor of liquid honey but offers a texture that is much easier to work with. The process of making whipped honey involves blending liquid honey with crystallized honey in a specific ratio, which encourages the formation of fine crystals that give whipped honey its creamy texture.

How to Make Whipped Honey


To make whipped honey at home, you will need both liquid honey and crystallized honey. Start by blending equal parts of liquid and crystallized honey in a blender or using a stand mixer. This 1:1 ratio is crucial as it balances the smoothness of the liquid honey with the fine crystals of the crystallized honey. Blend the mixture for about 10 minutes, ensuring it achieves a whipped cream consistency. The constant mixing breaks down larger crystals and prevents new ones from forming, resulting in a smooth, airy honey cream. Once you have reached the desired consistency, your whipped honey is ready to enjoy. Spread it on fruit, drizzle it over pancakes, or simply enjoy it straight from the jar.

How Long Will Whipped Honey Last?

One of the common questions about whipped honey is how long it will last and whether it needs to be refrigerated. Whipped honey, like regular honey, has a long shelf life due to its natural preservative properties. It does not need to be refrigerated and can be stored at room temperature. However, keep it in a tightly sealed container to prevent moisture absorption and maintain its creamy consistency. Under these conditions, whipped honey can last for several months, if not longer.

Can You Make Whipped Honey in a Blender? 

For those without a stand mixer or electric whisk, a blender can indeed be used to make whipped honey. The key is to ensure that the honey is blended thoroughly to achieve the smooth, creamy texture. While the process might take a bit longer and require some patience, the result will be just as delightful.


How to Use Whipped Honey and How to Flavor It

Whipped honey can also be flavored to create a variety of delicious spreads. You can add cinnamon, vanilla, or even fruit purees to the honey during the blending process for a unique twist. These flavored honeys can be used in many culinary applications, from sweetening baked goods and desserts to adding a touch of flavor to marinades and dressings. Whipped honey can elevate a simple cheese board, serve as a delightful dip for fresh fruit, or be incorporated into yogurt and smoothies for an extra layer of sweetness and flavor.

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