How to Make Your Drinks Cold in 10 Minutes: the Fastest Methods You’ll Find!

You forgot to cool your drinks but you absolutely don't want to drink them warm! What to do? We have the solution for you with this easy hack!

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Sometimes, the craving for a refreshing drink hits us at the most unexpected moments, or we find ourselves playing host to last-minute guests. It's in these moments that we reach for a cold beverage, only to realize that we've either forgotten to stock the fridge or we're out of ice. Panic sets in—how do you cool your drinks in time to quench that thirst or impress your guests? Worry not, because we're about to share with you the quickest trick ever to chill your drinks without using a single cube of ice. Imagine having your beverages go from room temperature to refreshingly cold in under 10 minutes. This isn't magic; it's a simple, effective method that will ensure you never find yourself longing for a cold drink again. Let's dive into how you can turn those warm sodas, juices, or beers into chilled, thirst-quenching delights in no time.

How to Chill Drinks in Under 10 Minutes Without Ice


The only things you'll need for this trick to work are, most likely, available in your kitchen:

  • Paper towel
  • The bottles you want to refresh
  • Running water
  • A working freezer

Now that you have everything ready at end, let's go over the trick, step-by-step. First, you'll want to rip a couple of kitchen paper towels from your paper roll and place them on your counter. Then, you'll have to grab one of your bottles and lay it on its side, right over the start of the kitchen paper towel. Helping yourself with both hands, you'll have to start rolling the bottle and the kitchen paper towel around it, so that the bottle ends up completely rolled up in the  kitchen paper towel.

Once you have a rolled up bottle, you'll need to wet the bottle and the kitchen paper towel wrapped around it under running cold water, until the paper towel is well-soaked through. Then, you'll have to open your freezer and leave the covered, wet bottles, laying on their side, for at least 10 minutes inside. Once the 10 minutes are up, and you'll go get the bottles again, you'll see that, unwrapping them, they'll be as fresh as if you've been refrigerating them overnight or you've put ice cubes inside!


How to Keep Your Drinks Cold Even Without Ice

Keeping your drinks cold, especially when the temperature climbs or during long social events, can be a challenge without resorting to ice. However, several innovative methods can ensure your beverages remain refreshingly chilled. One effective technique involves chilling your drinks beforehand and then using insulated containers, such as vacuum-sealed bottles or sleeves, to maintain their cool temperature for hours. Pre-cooling drinks in the refrigerator or freezer (without letting them freeze) maximizes the efficiency of insulation.

Additionally, placing your drinks in a location away from direct sunlight and as close to the ground as possible can help keep them cooler, as heat rises and sunlight can warm your beverages. For those planning ahead, freezing some of the drink itself in a clean ice cube tray and then adding these same-frozen cubes to your drink can keep it cold without diluting it as traditional ice does. Through these methods, you can enjoy perfectly chilled beverages throughout your event, ensuring every sip is as cold as the first.

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