Peeling peppers is an operation that often puts the less experienced cooks in crisis. Perhaps leading them to desist from the desire to prepare a tasty recipe based on yellow or red peppers, such as sweet and sour peppers, greedy peppers stuffed with meat or an inviting pasta with pepper cream.

Don't worry, with this guide we will explain how to peel peppers, step by step. Unlike what you may think, it is a very simple step; the tip is to roast the peppers before removing the skin. Once cooked, the peppers will soften to such an extent that the peel will almost tend to peel off by itself. By removing the skin, the peppers will be lighter and more versatile for different types of preparations.

How to roast peppers in the pan

To peel the peppers, start with cooking. The possibilities are different, one of them is cooking them in a pan, which takes about 40-50 minutes. Roast whole peppers on a non-stick grill or pan. Turn them every now and then and be careful not to break them, so as not to release their juice.

How to roast peppers in the oven

Alternatively, you can bake the peppers in the oven. This is the traditional method and which best manages the cooking of peppers in a homogeneous way. Bake the whole peppers on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, in a ventilated mode at 200° C, for about 40 minutes. Turn the peppers halfway through cooking.

How to roast peppers in the microwave oven

You can also bake the whole peppers in the microwave oven at maximum power for about 30 minutes. Turn them halfway through cooking. If you have a microwave oven with crisp mode, you can use it for the last 10 minutes of baking.

How to peel peppers

Now that you have cooked your peppers you can move on to the actual peeling. Whatever way you choose to cook them, once they are ready, close them in a food bag or wrap them in aluminum foil.

Close well sealing the edges too, so as not to let the steam escape. Let them cool for 10-15 minutes. In this way the skin will become softer and will come off very easily.

Transfer the closed pepper on a baking sheet or plate, because opening it will release a lot of liquid.

Cut the base of the pepper, which is the richest in seeds, and use your hands to remove the skin. Open the pepper in half and remove the remaining seeds and white filaments with a knife. Now, you can cut the peppers into strips for your preparations or serve them in slices.