To surprise everyone during Christmas Eve, this is the perfect idea for you. A delicious, colorful and beautiful cottage-aperitif to serve with a delicious Prosecco.

Ingredients: cheddar crackers; creamy cheese(mix); salami; cheese slices; pretzel rods; red bell pepper; cucumber; broccoli.

Try this sweet version too: Candy chocolate house

Enjoy this delicious house! Sometimes you don’t need much to create something special. All you will need is: 4 white chocolate bars to make your house, 120g of melted white chocolate that you will use as a glue for the pieces, assorted candy and shredded coconut. Soak the knife in boiling water until the tip is hot and start cutting the pieces of your house. Make the cuts with a lot of patience and be careful not to push too hard, or you’ll risk breaking the bar into several pieces. Once the 4 sides of the house have been glued with the help of melted chocolate, put together the two sides of the roofs with a wooden stick. Meanwhile, insert other sticks into the marshmallows and start to slowly glue them with melted chocolate forming your roof. Decorate with your favorite candies and you’ll be ready to enjoy your cottage in good company!