Start collecting cork stoppers and when you have enough, try to recycle them this way.

How to make a cork carpet:

1) Place a generous amount of wine corks in a pot with water and bring it to a boil
2) Cut the corks in half and glue them to a small board
3) Use as a drying mat or as a mat for hot plates and dishes

How to make your plastic top very useful:

1) Heat the top of an oil cap
2) Stick the blunt end of a wooden skewer through the cap
3) Cut off tip and screw back onto oil container
4) Pour easily onto your salads!

Try also this idea with corks: Kitchen board with recycled corks

• Corks
• Photo frame
• Wood glue
• Cutter
• 3 different colors of paint

Cut several corks in half.
Glue them to the base of the frame with wood glue.
Paint some with different colors.
Use the board for reminders and shopping lists.