Lovers of creative recycling always try to reuse materials that for many others are just rubbish. Have you ever thought about how to take advantage of the eggshells that must be thrown away? Let's discover it.

Lovers of creative recycling do not throw away anything and try to reuse everything that in the eyes of others is simply rubbish, you know. This is the case with eggshells. Usually, we throw them away after cooking yolk and albumen, but in reality eggshells can be used in different alternative ways. Let's discover every one of them.

Plant Fertilizer

Eggshells can be used as fertilizers for balcony or garden plants. To do this, just chop them and add them to the soil near the seedlings. In this way, you will avoid using environmentally harmful chemicals.


Eggshells can also be used creatively, for example by creating a mosaic. Just boil them, so as to eliminate the internal film, break them and stick them with glue on a card. Finally, you can paint everything with acrylic colors.


Eggshells can also be used to make a fine liqueur. You will have to mix 12 eggshells, lemon juice, a liter of Marsala wine and a kilogram of sugar. After having carefully washed and dried the eggs, you will have to put them in an airtight container with lemon juice. Then put it in the fridge and shake it every day. In the meantime, you have to melt the sugar in the Marsala wine and, after filtering it, you have to add it to the previous mixture and that’s it.

Stain remover

Eggshells can also be used to clean coffee and tea stains from cups. Just put them in that cup with hot water, leaving them there for a whole night. The day after, the dirt will be completely gone.

They send snails away

Eggshells are ideal for send snails away. If you put eggshells around the plants, these little animals will no longer be able to crawl around them and thus they will no longer destroy the garden.