While fish remains to be one of the choicest food to serve, its unpleasant odor is the primary reason for people to be hesitant about preparing it. Read on to solve this problem and enjoy the fish preparations without worrying about the fishy smell.

The biggest problem in preparing fish at home is how to get rid of the lingering smell of the fish! Here are a few very handy tips to ease out this problem and help you to enjoy a delicious fish meal without fighting out the pungent fishy odor.


How to get rid of fish odor even before the cooking starts?

Fresh fish is usually not too pungent and soaking the fish in milk for about 20 minutes or so will further neutralize the odor if any. You may also add a mixture of lemon juice with some water to the fish before cooking it to control the microbes, if the recipe permits.

How to get rid of fish odor from hands after using it?

Rub your hands on the stainless steel sink and then rinse them with a soap solution to get rid of the fish smell from hands. Alternatively, you may also rub some lemon juice or vinegar in to your palm for some time and then rinse your hands with water.

How to get rid of fish odor from the refrigerator?

Always place the fish covered in an air tight container to minimize the spreading of fish odor in the refrigerator. Another way out would be to place some baking soda on one side of the fridge, for it to absorb any bad odor. Alternatively, you may clean the refrigerator with a solution of one liter of warm water, ¼ cup of baking soda, and a tablespoon of any washing liquid. Wiping interiors of the refrigerator with a wet cloth or a paper towel that has been sprinkled with a few drops of vanilla extract will help to clean it and combat the fishy smell. However, you must ensure to take out everything, from food to the trays, before you start cleaning the refrigerator and allow it to dry completely from the inside before closing the door and placing back the food, trays, and drawers.


How to get rid of fish odor from your rooms?

Nothing beats the stink than fresh odor. So, open the windows and let the fresh air inside the rooms. You may also use some air freshener or aromatic candle or aromatic essential oil diffuser to make your house fragrant. Another way to combat fish smell is to clean or wipe the floor with any antibacterial surface cleaner.