The red wine stains are among the most difficult to eliminate from the fabric: the first rule is to intervene promptly, before the stain gets dry. Let's find out how to do with natural and do-it-yourself remedies.

How to remove wine stains from fabrics? It often happens that, during a lunch or dinner, clothes and tablecloths get stained with red wine that leaves haloes difficult to eliminate. In these cases, the best thing would be to act immediately, otherwise it is necessary to pre-treat the clothes before the washing machine and to use effective natural remedies like coarse salt, lemon, white wine and other ingredients useful to quickly remove stains from our fabrics. Let's see how to eliminate wine stains, both fresh and dry, with natural methods and without damaging the fabrics.

How to eliminate wine stains: fast and effective do-it-yourself tips and remedies

Let's find out which are the most effective remedies to eliminate red wine stains from clothes and fabrics, depending on the type of stain and the situations in which we find ourselves.

To remove red wine stains you can use liquid soap, toothpaste or Marseille soap to pre-treat

Before washing, the best thing would be to pre-treat the stained fabrics, whether it is a tablecloth or clothes. There are various remedies.

To remove red wine stains you can use water and liquid soap: wet the fabric with warm water to which you have added liquid soap. Rub lightly before putting the cloth into the washing machine.

To remove wine stains you can also use Marseille soap, a remedy especially useful for fresh stains. Simply moisten the soap and rub it on the stain before the normal washing.

An alternative method is instead the toothpaste, effective on dry stains. Apply it on the wine stains and let it act before washing. On colored fabrics, be careful not to use the whitening toothpaste that may discolour the garment.

To remove red wine stains you can use sparkling water in cases of emergency

If you are away from home, sparkling water can be an excellent emergency remedy. Pour a few drops on the stain and rub: in this way the wine stains will not fix on the fabric and, once at home, you can proceed with the normal washing.

To remove red wine stains you can use sodium percarbonate to whiten

If you have stained a tablecloth or a white shirt then you can use sodium percarbonate, a natural whitening agent with active oxygen: use it on resistant fabrics. Immerse the garment in lukewarm water and sodium percarbonate following the instructions on the package so as to use it in the right way according to the stained fabric.

To remove red wine stains you can use coarse salt, hydrogen peroxide or cornstarch for fresh stains

If the wine stains are fresh, a remedy to be used immediately is the coarse salt: it will absorb the stain thanks to its hygroscopic properties. Leave it to work for half an hour, brush and then wash in the washing machine. For fresh stains on resistant fabrics you can instead use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and liquid soap: rub on the stain directly with a sponge or apply it with a spray. Finally you can resort to another effective remedy: cornstarch and bicarbonate that will help to absorb the wine on the fabric (to absorb the stain you can also use talcum powder). Stir them together and apply a layer of the mixture on the stain, then let it act for thirty minutes before washing.


To remove red wine stains you can use lemon juice or white wine and bicarbonate for dry stains

And how to remove dry or old red wine stains? A very effective remedy is lemon juice to be poured directly on the stain, better if mixed with a little liquid soap. Leave it for at least fifteen minutes before washing. If they are delicate fabrics you can use concentrated lemon juice.


Another remedy for old wine stains is white wine to be used with bicarbonate: a method that is especially useful for resistant fabrics. Pour the white wine on the stain, squeeze and then pour a layer of bicarbonate. Let it act for a few hours, spraying a little water every so often, so as to keep the bicarbonate soft. Finally, proceed with the washing in the washing machine.

To remove red wine stains you can use hydrogen peroxide for white and resistant fabrics

On resistant fabrics a good remedy to eliminate wine stains is hydrogen peroxide, mixed in equal parts with liquid soap: it is important, however, that the fabric is white, otherwise it may become discolored. Apply the mixture on the stained cloth and rub with a sponge, in order to remove the stain effectively. Then rinse with cold water and proceed with the washing.

To remove the wine stain from a woolen fabric, use a solution composed of half water and half ammonia, let it act for a few minutes, then rinse with cold water and wash by hand with mild liquid detergent.