How to Save Cantaloupe Melon Seeds: This Genius, No-Waste Trick To Make Cantaloupe Juice!

Summer melons are delicious but messy with their rinds and seeds. A clever way to reduce waste is by making juice from cantaloupe seeds. These edible seeds are rich in nutrients. Crush 80g of seeds, add 350ml of water, grind until smooth, then filter. The juice lasts up to three days in the fridge and pairs well with lime or mint.

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Summer is the perfect season for indulging in the juicy sweetness of melons. However, these delicious fruits come with their own set of annoyances—think sticky rinds and an overwhelming number of seeds. The mess and waste they produce can be frustrating, but there's a clever trick to make the most out of this chaos. Did you know you can obtain a delicious juice by saving and reusing the cantaloupe melon seeds? Yes, you read that right! Here's how you can transform those pesky seeds into a refreshing drink, reducing waste and adding a tasty twist to your summer refreshment.

Can You Eat Cantaloupe Seeds?

Are cantaloupe seeds edible? Absolutely! These little seeds are not only edible but also packed with nutrients. Rich in protein, healthy fats, and essential minerals, they offer a surprising amount of health benefits. In various cultures, melon seeds have been used for their medicinal properties and as a nutritious snack. The concept of turning these seeds into juice might sound unconventional, but it has roots in ancient traditions where nothing from the fruit went to waste. By blending these seeds into a drink, you get a nutrient-rich juice that's both eco-friendly and delicious.

How to Make Juice With Cantaloupe Melon Seeds


Now, let's dive into the magical process of creating this unique melon juice. Start with 80 grams of cantaloupe seeds. Don't worry if a little pulp comes along for the ride—it only adds to the flavor. Crush the seeds thoroughly to break them down. Then, add 350 milliliters of water to the mix and continue grinding until the seeds are completely dissolved. The result is a milky, nutrient-packed liquid. Filter this mixture to remove any remaining seed fragments, and pour the juice into a glass bottle. Voila! You now have a refreshing, homemade melon seed juice that's ready to enjoy.


How to Keep The Juice Fresh

Wondering how long this delightful drink can last in the refrigerator? Your homemade melon seed juice will stay fresh for up to three days when stored in a sealed container. To enhance its flavor, try pairing it with a splash of lime juice or a few mint leaves. This juice can be enjoyed on its own or as a unique addition to smoothies and cocktails, adding a refreshing twist to your favorite summer beverages. If you’re curious about other melon seeds, feel free to experiment with seeds from honeydew or watermelon. They too can be transformed into tasty juices, each bringing their own distinct flavor to the table.

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