How to stay hydrated all the time

Do you feel thirsty all the time? Well, don’t be surprised if you ask this question in a room and have many people nodding their heads in affirmation.

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Do you feel thirsty all the time? Well, don’t be surprised if you ask this question in a room and have many people nodding their heads in affirmation. Statistics report that as much as seventy five percent of the American population suffers from chronic dehydration. Majority of our body comprises of water and it is absolutely detrimental to our health to be not adequately hydrated.

Hydrating our body at all times is vital for our good health. So, even if you are lazying around on a Sunday or being your active best on the weekday, you must hydrate yourself adequately based on the various environmental conditions.

We must learn to monitor our thirst and keep ourselves hydrated all the time.

As per the new research, it is recommended that we must consume a total of 3.7 liters or 15 cups of water (for an average adult male) and 2.7 liters or 11 cups of water (for an average adult female) on a daily basis. However, the requirements for water intake varies depending on a person’s gender, age, activity level, geographical location, and temperature.

Very simply, you may also monitor your hydration level through the thirst. Since our body loses out fluid throughout the day from our skin (evaporation), breathing, stool, and urine, it is very important that we must drink water consistently through the day to replenish our body and for all the processes to run efficiently.

Apart from water, there are many other fluids that we may use to hydrate our bodies, such as hot and cold beverages, juicy fruits and vegetables. Thus, what you eat through the day also plays a critical role in deciding your hydration levels apart from just chugging on to plain water.

It is also extremely critical to hydrate yourself during less strenuous or sedentary activities. As you may not be sweating profusely while sitting down at an office or doing similar sort of work, but you still need to keep yourself hydrated at short intervals throughout the day.

Plain water, which is cheap, calorie free and easily acceptable by our body, is the best drink to hydrate yourself with. Ideally, you must consume water each time you get the slightest hint of being thirsty rather than wait until you get parched. Being adequately hydrated also makes you eat less and eliminates the possibility of unnecessary/ untimely snacking.

While you are exercising, it is important that you stay hydrated before, during and after the workout session. Athletes must calculate the sweat rate to monitor the level of hydration required. In case you undergo an intense physical workout session it is also important to supplement yourself with some electrolytes rather than just managing the water intake.

During exercise, one must drink 16 to 20 fluid ounces of water at least 4 hours before and about 8 fluid ounces of water 15 minutes before exercise!

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