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How To Store Coffee To Preserve Its Fresh Quality For Longer

There has been a lot of debate between coffee fans about the best way to store the beverage. Some think it's better to store it in the fridge, while others believe the freezer or cupboards are better options. This article successfully sheds more light on the topic and provides 4 storage rules to stick to when it comes to keeping coffee fresh.

By Cookist

The topic of where coffee should be stored is a controversial one among coffee lovers with many believing that there are many benefits to  be gained from storing coffee in the fridge or freezer.

One thing everyone should be able to agree on is that the quality of coffee is affected by individual environmental impacts. Below are some immutable rules when it comes to storing coffee.

  1. Oxygen ruins coffee: When you buy freshly ground coffee it comes in a sealed container because oxygen can damage the quality of the coffee. The best chance of  preservation is to reduce the flow of oxygen to your stored coffee which means leaving it in its original package or moving it into an alternative air-tight container.
  2. Sunlight/Artificial light negatively affects coffee: Regardless of the light source, molecules within coffee will start to break once it is exposed to it and this will eventually affect the flavor and shelf life. For this reason, coffee should be stored in opaque containers, in a dark place.
  3. Coffee is affected by high temperature: The only time you should expose your coffee to high temperatures is during the brewing process. When coffee is exposed to high temperatures, the process of oxidation is accelerated and this can negatively affect the flavor.
  4. Keep coffee away from humidity: Moisture can ruin coffee but so can temperature fluctuations. It affects the cell structure, causing it to warp which leads to the loss of the component that gives coffee its aroma and flavor.

What Is The Best Place To Store Coffee?

In the cupboard

Coffee is best kept in a cupboard in an airtight container. This will keep it free of moisture and away from heat, ensuring that it maintains its freshness and quality taste profile for a long period.


In the freezer

The best argument some coffee lovers make against freezing coffee is that putting it in the freezer exposes it to humidity and moisture.

This is true because coffee beans are gyroscopic which means they draw moisture to themselves. Once they've sucked in enough, the flavor starts to break down.

However, the only time it is advisable to store coffee in the freezer is if you're willing to accept the trade off between shelf life and quality. Be sure to keep it in an airtight container and once out of the freezer, make sure it thaws out completely before consuming it.

In the fridge 

It is best to never store coffee in the fridge because they are always moist and subjected to temperature fluctuations since they get opened and closed frequently.

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