How to Store Lemons: the 4 Hacks to Make Them Last Longer!

To keep lemons fresh and juicy for a month, try these tips: 1) Use a skewer to extract juice without cutting. 2) Store whole lemons in a water-filled glass bowl with cling wrap, or in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge. 3) For cut lemons, reassemble halves with toothpicks. These methods prevent spoilage and dryness, ensuring your lemons stay vibrant.

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Lemons, those vibrant and juicy fruits, have the power to elevate our culinary creations with their refreshing zest, making them indispensable in kitchens worldwide. Their ability to infuse dishes with a burst of flavor is unmatched, and thankfully, they are available all year round to add that special kick to our recipes. However, the challenge often lies in keeping them fresh; lemons can easily spoil or, even worse, dry out, losing the very essence of what makes them a culinary treasure. But, there's no need for despair! With our expertly curated list of four simple tricks, you can extend the life of your lemons for up to a month. All it takes is a little know-how and adherence to our straightforward guidelines, ensuring that your lemons remain as juicy and vibrant as the day you brought them home.

1. How to Store Lemons so They Stay Fresh Inside


When we cut a lemon in half to squeeze out the juice of one of its halves, the other half usually tends out to dry and rot, becoming unusable. That's quite the waste of a perfect half of a lemon! This is why, with our first trick, we aim to help you keep the inside of a lemon fresh, even if you're in need to squeeze it. All you'll need is a long skewer stick. With one of the pointy ends of the skewer stick, make a hole in the blossom ends of the lemon: by doing this, you'll be able to squeeze out all the juice from inside the lemon into a bowl, without needing to cut it in half and risk for the insides to spoil.

2. How to Store Lemons in The Fridge (2 Ways)


These are the perfect methods to use when you've just bought a fresh batch of lemons either from the grocery store or from a local producer's market. Instead of keeping them outside on the counter or inside of their mesh net, do one of these hacks!

The first one revolves around a glass bowl and water: all you'll need to do is take the glass bowl, fill it with water and place the lemons inside; then, cover the glass bowl with cling wrap and put the lemons in the fridge. The second method, instead, is even easier and requires just one tool: a plastic produce bag. All you need to do is put the lemons inside of the plastic produce bag, get rid of the excess air inside of the bag with your hands and then close the produce bag. Once you've done this, you can store the lemons in the fridge. These two hacks can help keep your lemons fresh for a whole month.


3. How to Store an Already Cut Lemon


The final trick we'll show you will help you keep an already cut lemon fresh and juicy. Once you've cut the lemon in half, and done everything you needed to do with it, you'll need to arm yourselves with various toothpicks. Use the toothpicks to hold the lemon together, recreating its original form. This way, the halves won't dry out and your lemon will keep juicy and as fresh as if it was just opened.

Can you Keep Lemons In the Refrigerator?

Storing lemons in the refrigerator is highly recommended to maximize their shelf life and maintain their juicy freshness. The cool, stable environment of a fridge slows down the ripening process and reduces moisture loss, significantly extending the lemons' usability beyond what's possible when they're left at room temperature. When refrigerated, lemons can stay fresh for up to three to four weeks, compared to just about a week on the countertop. For optimal storage, follow our tricks to help you store your lemons inside of the fridge. These simple hacks ensure that these citrus gems remain vibrant, tangy, and ready to add a zesty burst to your dishes whenever needed.

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