Read on to know if it is plain boredom or hunger that is bothering you!

It has been experienced by many that we tend to lose weight faster when we are overworked. This means we tend to eat less when our mind is diverted with work and sometimes also due to emotional stress.

So, it is not always hunger that incites us to eat. Sometimes it is plain boredom and the drive to eat for fun that makes us grab food (which is usually some sugary stuff). To be sure you can follow these steps and check if you are hungry or not.


If you are feeling low and anxious since morning then you must assess when you ate last and was that meal filling enough? Usually, protein-rich food fills you up for a longer duration compared to the carbs-rich meal as the latter is absorbed faster by our body.

Get moving

Getting up to dance instantly kills boredom and curbs unnecessary urge to eat food while you are still technically full.

Engage your hands

Staying busy and doing something engaging prevents boredom eating as you no longer seek food to get your hands busy.


Have a glass of plain or flavored water to hydrate yourself when you feel hungry in between meals.


Eat only after you have tried all the initial tricks but you continue to stay hungry. Starving is never an option and it is best to eat something healthy whenever you have good reasons to eat.