With every change of season, it is our most prominent and delicate part of the body that gets most affected! For some very strange reason, the lips often tend to become brittle and dry particularly around the time we have a special event to attend. Read on, how to manage the cracked lips without spending too much money on the beauty products.
Lips are the most prominent feature of our face, and dry cracked ones are even more protruding! Unlike hair, the biggest problem with chapped lips is that you cannot even cover and hide them under something. There are many things that can lead to drying, cracking, and peeling of the lips.

Lips can be easily affected by the environment and if you stay out for too long in the harsh weather, that is too hot or cold, it will certainly damage even the supplest of the lips.
Also, if your body is not well hydrated the lips tend to get chapped pretty soon. Lip balms come in handy to maintain the smoothness of lips as they nourish, lubricate, and moisturize them well.
Avoid touching and licking the lips unnecessarily as it will turn them in to dry and chapped ones. Here are a few homemade lip scrub recipes to pamper this lovely pair and enhance your beauty!

1. Brown sugar scrub

This is a perfect two ingredient thing that will exfoliate and moisturize your lips at the same time. Just combine a little coconut oil with some granulated brown sugar and rub it over your lips for some time. Wipe it off to get supple and smooth lips.

2. Sea salt scrub


This one uses some really exclusive ingredients such as jojoba oil, sea salt, olive oil, and honey. Just mix them all to prepare a lip scrub and massage some of it to get rid of dry lips.

3. Lemon scrub

This one smells really good! It does not necessarily take too much of an effort to look good… just mix some granulated sugar, olive oil, and lemon essential oil to create this fragrant and quick DIY scrub to get super smooth lips.

4. Vanilla scrub

Just mix some jojoba oil, sea salt, and pure vanilla extract to create a lovely scrub that tickles all the right senses in the body! This is an all-natural recipe that will certainly nourish the delicate lips and make them smooth and soft.

5. Manuka honey scrub


Well, this scrub has the goodness of manuka honey and olive oil. Use a base of granulated sugar and add some antioxidant rich extra virgin olive oil and little manuka honey that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory property to smoothen out even the sorest of the lips!