• prosecco or white sparkling wine 15 cl
  • elder flowers or lemon balm syrup 2 cl
  • soda, to top
  • Mint leaves
  • lime slice, to garnish

The Hugo cocktail is an easy aperitif to make, with a sweet and slightly alcoholic flavor, also known in aperitifs as Hugo Spritz. The cocktail originates in the North of Italy, precisely in Alto Adige, and is made of prosecco, elder flowers or lemon balm syrup, soda (or soda water) and few mint leaves.

The Hugo is a very popular drink because of its irresistible aroma that gives a pleasant and fresh sensation to those who taste it. It was created in 2005 in Naturno, thanks to the idea of barman Roland Gruber who decided to combine the taste of prosecco with the aroma of lemon balm because he was tired of the usual Spritz. The cocktail was so appreciated that it soon reached Austria, Germany and Switzerland. However, the origin of the name is uncertain.

How to make Hugo Cocktail

Place a few ice cubes in a goblet to chill.

Add the prosecco, soda and lemon balm flower syrup. Stir gently and add a few mint leaves.

Keep stirring and serve the Hugo cocktail garnishing the glass with a lime wedge.

Tips for making Hugo Cocktail

– If you cannot find lemon balm flower syrup, you can safely use elderflower syrup because they are very similar.

– Remember to serve the drink immediately in order to avoid the ice to melt compromising the quality of the cocktail which goes well with cold cuts, cheese and chicken salads.

– The percentage of alcohol is low, it is around 8 degrees, but it is better not to drink too much.

Hugo Variations

If you do not like alcoholic cocktails but do not want to give up the flavor of the Hugo, you can prepare its non-alcoholic version by adding non-alcoholic sparkling wine.

Did you know that there is also a rosé version of the Hugo? It is called Hugo Rosé and you can add a rosé wine to give the pink effect, instead of prosecco.