Read on to know how encouraging kids to choose healthy beverage prevents obesity!

Drinking water instead of the sugary beverage is a great way to prevent consumption of unnecessary calories. If kids hydrate themselves by drinking plenty of water, they can experience an increase in their energy level, better cognition, and improved health status.

A few organizations in the US have started a drive to encourage children to rethink about their drinks and choose water as a preferred beverage option. This way, children will be taught to make healthier food choices and become health-conscious from the very beginning of their life and this learning will help them stay healthy even during their adolescent and adult years.

These drives are giving children, starting from the school-age group to teens, age-specific goal to drink a certain amount of cold water each day. By doing this, children will learn the importance of proper hydration, making healthy food choices, and following good health by practicing the same right from the early years of their life.

As our bodies primarily comprise of water (about 70% of our body is water) replacing water with water is a better choice rather than consuming calorie-rich sugary drinks as a replacement for the water losses made by our body throughout the day.