Have you kept all the ice cream sticks to make something through creative recycling? Photo frames, bracelets or bookmarks: let's discover how to decorate the house with the "do-it-yourself".

During the summer your children have consumed a lot of ice creams and you have thought to keep all the sticks to recycle them? You could not have a better idea. The wooden ice cream sticks are perfect for creating unusual and creative things to decorate your home or the children's room. You just need a little imagination and some manual skills to create really unique ideas.


It's very simple to create bracelets from wooden sticks. Just put them in a saucepan filled with boiling water to soften them. Immediately afterwards, they should be placed in circular containers to give it the shape of a bracelet. Once dried, they can be decorated as you wish: the result will be unique.

Pen holder

The easiest accessory to make with ice cream sticks is a pen holder for children. Just get a little glue to unite them and to create your ideal form. In the end, you can decorate it all with colored stickers.


Ice cream sticks are also perfect as a bookmark. To make them more creative, just decorate them. You can opt for colored drawings or simply for stickers to be applied on their upper part.

Photo Frame

Wood is incredibly suitable to be recycled. Another creative idea to make is a photo frame. The ice cream sticks must be glued together, so as to form a rectangle in which insert your favorite photo. A child's bedroom will become quite imaginative and creative in this way.

Small letters to hang in the children’s bedroom

The children's bedroom can become nicer thanks to the ice cream sticks. To make some small letters, just unite them with some glue, so as to form the initials of your children, and decorate them with brushes or acrylics. With a little double-sided tape, they can be attached to the wall or to the wardrobe.