Are Air Fryers a Healthy Way to Cook Food?

Air fryers cook food by circulating hot air, which gives anything cooked in them a delicious, crispy, crunchy texture, much like your favorite deep-fried foods. When using a deep fryer, ingredients can soak up more oil, resulting in more calories in the dish. Air fryers use much less oil compared to traditional deep fryers, which means that air-fried foods will contain fewer calories overall, as well as less fat in your dish. Deep frying is linked with several health conditions. By using less oil, you can lose weight, reduce your risk for inflammation-associated diseases, and cancer.

In short, air frying is a healthier cooking method compared to deep frying. Although they use less oil, air fryers produce similar results to deep frying. From French fries to fried chicken and everything in between, you'll get the same crispy, crunchy texture you associate with deep frying, all while using a fraction of the oil.

How Much Oil Does an Air Fryer Use?

If you're looking for a way to cut down on calories and your fat intake, using an air fryer can be a great, easy way to use less oil in your cooking and create healthier dishes with the same taste as your deep-fried favorites. Often recipes only call for 1 to 3 tablespoons of oil compared to the few cups of oil often needed to deep fry foods.

Use your air fryer to make fried chicken, homemade potato chips, French fries, egg rolls, meatballs, and even hard-boiled eggs. Say goodbye to deep-fried foods without sacrificing that irresistible taste and crispy texture.