Read on to know if consuming egg yolks on a weight loss diet is as bad as it is publicized to be.

Eggs are the best source of proteins that there is. These nutritional powerhouses are packed with a multitude of essential nutrients and are extremely beneficial to build muscles on a weight loss diet.

However, egg yolk has always been quite an unpopular food product as it is considered to be extremely unhealthy and is linked to various heart problems because of its high cholesterol level. Here is a brief about eating egg yolks on a weight loss diet.

Each egg contains about 186mg of cholesterol that is entirely present in the yolk of the egg. You may be surprised to know that egg yolk is not as bad as they are assumed to be. Cholesterol is of great importance for our body as it is required to make testosterone. The yolk of the egg also contains vitamin B2, vitamin B12, vitamin D and iron, which are otherwise not present in any other part of the egg. So, discarding egg yolk from the diet will result in the loss of nutrients from it.

In fact, according to a study, it was reported that the fat present in the yolk of the egg is beneficial to reduce bad cholesterol from our body. So, it is beneficial to continue eating egg yolk, only until your nutritionist advises you against consuming it.