It Is A Battle Between Dry And Canned Beans! Which Is Best?

Have you ever wondered which bean, out of the dry and canned, varieties is best for eating? If you have kids, then you are sure to wonder which is best health-wise. Otherwise, you may wonder which would give the best results in cooking. Whatever your reason may be, here's an article to ease your curiosity.

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Much like the name hints at, dry beans are dry and sometimes fresh off the farm, whereas canned beans are processed, preserved, and sealed. The former, therefore, require more time to cook, so they are soft enough for consumption.

First off, you must know that the choice to buy dry or canned beans will ultimately be YOUR choice, and so, it is affected by multiple factors.

This includes cost, time, quantity, as well as health concerns. Read on for how these can affect your choice.

1. Buy dry beans if you are on a tight shopping budget.


No matter where you live, the cost of canned beans will be more than the dry. This is perhaps because dry beans are not processed and come in larger quantities.

Per The Bean Institute, a one-pound bag of dry pinto beans averagely costs $1.79 and will make 12-½ cup servings of cooked beans.

On the other hand, a 15 oz. can of national brand pinto beans costs $1.69, a store brand can cost $1.19, and each provides 3.5-½ cup servings.

So yeah, if you have a large family or just need to cut costs, avoid canned beans!

2. Dry beans contain less sodium, so they are highly recommended for persons with significant health concerns.


Dry beans are the best option for people with high blood pressure or that have suffered a heart attack, have stomach cancer, osteoporosis, kidney disease, and a few other debilitating conditions.

The Bean Institute says that a ½ cup serving of pinto beans cooked from dry beans with no added salt is totally sodium free. On the other hand, an equivalent serving of canned pinto beans contains averagely 200 milligrams of sodium.

3. Buy canned beans if time is an essential factor for you.


This is somewhat logical; canned beans are already processed to an extent, so they cook faster than the dry variety.

However, dry beans take more time, which can extend over multiple hours, depending on your recipe. This makes canned beans a treasure as they save time and effort.

For quick family dinners, canned beans are a positive recommendation. Even better, their long shelf life makes them last very long and available for use over a long period.

Tip: cut costs by cooking dry beans and store them in the freezer!

Overall, whether dry or canned, eating beans is an excellent way to get dietary fiber, protein, B vitamins, and many other vital vitamins and minerals. So, depending on whatever factor you find most important, make a choice quickly and stock your pantry!

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