Italian Pickled Eggplant Recipe

Total time: 30 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 4 people
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Pickled Eggplant is an easy and quick recipe for a condiment that’s very popular in Italy. Traditional Italian Pickled Eggplant has been made for years, together with the whole family. And every family has their unique spin on this time-tested recipe. The texture becomes soft and adds a lot of flavor to any dish (add to an Italian antipasto spread, in sandwiches, salads, and even pizza!). To make it takes a bit of time and dedication (the eggplant is first drained, then boiled, and drained again), but you will be rewarded with so much taste! With a few fresh eggplants, salt, olive oil, herbs and spices you can make a delicious (and nutritious) spread that you’ll want to enjoy on everything!

What is the best Eggplant for Pickling?

There are many different varieties of eggplant, and any one of them will be suitable for this recipe. Seeing as you will peel the eggplant beforehand, you might find it easier to use larger eggplants.


How to make Italian Pickled Eggplant

The eggplants are first prepared by peeling and slicing them into thin strips. The eggplant strips are salted and left to drain overnight to allow excess moisture to drain off. After that, the strips are boiled in a water/vinegar mixture, and they are then drained again, this time for five hours. After sterilizing the jars, the strips are added to the jars and topped with a herby oil. The jars are vacuum sealed and are ready to store!



There are many variations from around the world:

Japanese variation: Japanese eggplants, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and fresh ginger.

Lebanese variation: baby eggplants, red pepper, chili peppers, walnuts, and garlic cloves.

Egyptian variation: eggplant, carrots, bell peppers, garlic, lemons, and vinegar.

Greek variation: eggplant, wine vinegar, garlic, dried oregano, and olive oil.

This recipe is a healthy way to eat more eggplant. Add it to any dish to add nutrition and flavor.


How To Serve Pickled Eggplant?

Pickled Eggplant will taste good with anything! Serve it on fresh crusty sourdough bread, or as a simple side. You can serve it on pizza, and also on an antipasto spread.

How to store Italian Pickled Eggplant

As with many pickled dishes, these eggplants will keep them for a long time. Unopened jars will keep in a cool, dark place for up to 3 months. Once opened, you can store it in the fridge for up to 5 days.

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1 kg
Olive oil
Chili powder
Dried parsley
Garlic powder
Dried oregano
600 ml
600 ml
glass jars


Peel the eggplants and cut them into medium strips.


Put them in a strainer with a bowl underneath, add salt. Place a bowl full of water on top to apply pressure and let them sit overnight.


Pour water and vinegar into a pot, add salt, and bring to a boil.


Rinse the dehydrated eggplants, squeeze well, and pour into the vinegar-water mixture. Let cook for 4 minutes from when it begins to boil again.


Strain the eggplants, and place them on a tray with kitchen paper to dry for 5 hours.


Boil the glass jars for 15 minutes to sterilize them. Then add oregano, parsley, garlic, chili powder, and olive oil to the bottom of the glass jars.


Fill each jar with the dehydrated eggplants, then top with more olive oil and seasoning. Close and place them in a pot with a cloth and boil for 15 minutes to vacuum seal.



Don’t skip the salting step. It’s necessary to eliminate the butter taste from the eggplants.

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