Typically, doctors instruct patients to play musical instruments during brain operations, which are known to last a few hours.

However, things were different for a 60-year-old Italian woman who was tasked with making olives during such a procedure to remove a tumor from her left temporal lobe.

A neurosurgeon who was part of the team that carried out the procedure shared that the operation was successful and lasted two and a half hours.

Within those few hours, the 60-year-old patient is said to have prepared over a hundred Ascoli olives! If you know about these Italian olives, you will know that making them is no mean feat.

The surgery room is said to have been made to look like a kitchen to facilitate the woman's given task – and it did! She followed every step to prepare the olives, which included putting the green olives, wrapping them around balls of seasoned meat, and then finally coating them in flour, egg, and breadcrumbs before frying.

The intricate process is what makes the woman's performance during brain surgery at that, a remarkable feat. According to experts, the operation is termed "Awake Brain Surgery."

Doctors share that the procedure is an intricate one and that it is frequently performed to treat neurological conditions like tumor growths that affect areas of the brain that control vision, speech, and movement.

Keeping the patient awake and busy answering a question or performing an activity that tasks their senses helps the surgeon avoid inflicting damage to healthy tissue.

There are many more other stories like this, but we really can't help but be astounded by this one!