Jimmy Fallon Rewards Waiter With $400 Tip While Dining Out with Wife

Famous American TV host, Jimmy Fallon warmed hearts across the world when the new year rolled in with news of his magnanimous generosity to a waiter while out dining with his wife in New York. This comes on the heels of Fallon openly expressing support for local businesses during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Only a few days into the new year, Jimmy Fallon went eating out at Kissaki Sushi in Water Mill, New York with his spouse, Nancy Juvonen.

The late-night host brought the outing to a halt by kindly leaving a whopping $400 tip for their waiter, according to a rep for the restaurant.

As discovered from a fan's later Instagram post, Fallon also stopped by for photos with some fans that dined next to him.

Via Instagram, the fan wrote:

"Drove to the Hamptons to try this Omakase. So worth it because besides the amazing sushi and service, we got to dine next to Jimmy Fallon!"

Fallon's visit quickly brought fame to the Kissaki restaurant, with reports sharing that the location opened in June 2020. However, the parent restaurant, located in Manhattan, is already well-known for its "premium quality sushi delivery experience" and "signature premium omakase boxes."

Fallon's now highly publicized visit to the new Water Mill branch may be all the publicity they'll ever need. The comedian has been openly vocal about his support for restaurants during this time, as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses across the country to close their dining rooms and led to unprecedented permanent closures.


Fallon has gone as far as dining out on an episode of The Tonight Show and pleading that his viewers help put local businesses back on their feet again. ..

He said:

"Everybody, support your local businesses. Order online. Get takeout. Get delivery. If you can eat out, eat out. Even if you don't feel like eating, get it delivered and freeze it then, eat it the next day."

Unfortunately, the government has put on stricter measures in many cities as a resurgence of coronavirus cases starts.

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