KFC, Vietnam Releases New Dragon Fruit Burger To Curb Wastage Of The Fruit

One of the world's leading fast-food chains, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) has employed the use of pink “dragon fruit-infused” buns to make their burgers. This comes after the fruit started going to waste in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic in Vietnam. First adopted by a famous bakery in the country, such pink baked goods are now trending in the country.

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Social distancing is a significant method of limiting the spread of the coronavirus. Subsequently, people are staying confined to their homes.

This has dealt blows to the economies of affected countries as businesses are forcefully shut down from lack of customers. For Vietnam, a significant observation after the pandemic hit the country is that fruits, most significantly, dragon fruits, are getting wasted.

Thus, the sudden trend of infusing baked goods with dragon fruits, hence the aesthetically-pleasing pink color. Now, KFC, Vietnam, has also adopted the trend to help curb wastage of dragon fruits.

This new addition to their menu is accordingly named the Dragon Fruit Chicken Burger. It is a typical chicken burger with whatever additions the customer may require.

Đã là fans KFC thì sao có thể bỏ qua món mới toanh như Burger Thanh Long fans ha. Bánh “bun” làm từ ruột Thanh Long tươi, đỏ mọng đẹp mắt, cùng hương vị hấp dẫn đặc trưng KFC. Siêu phẩm đã hạ cánh tại nhà hàng KFC khu vực TP. HCM, Biên Hòa, Bình Dương, Vũng Tàu và sẽ có mặt tại tất cả nhà hàng trên toàn quốc vào ngày 24/03/2020, với 3 lựa chọn: • Burger Thanh Long Tôm giá chỉ 42.000 đồng. • Burger Thanh Long Gà Quay Flava giá chỉ 47.000 đồng. • Burger Thanh Long Zinger giá chỉ 51.000 đồng. Đặc biệt khi mua theo combo còn áp dụng thêm nhiều ưu đãi hấp dẫn nữa nha. Vừa măm món ngon, vừa cùng KFC hưởng ứng phong trào “hỗ trợ nông dân Việt Nam tiêu thụ thanh long” nha fans. Xem chi tiết tại: https://bit.ly/33muDWO #KFC #KFCVietnam #KFCBurgerThanhLong

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The only signature difference observable is the pink buns, which add a slightly sweet flavor to the snack. According to Business Insider, the fast-food chain will debut the chicken on Friday, March 20.

However, interested customers may have to hurry to purchase as the offer only lasts for a short time across a few stores in the country.

Going by the positive response to similar pink baked goods in the country, these burgers will not waste.

The ABC Bakery in the country first launched the initiative of infusing baked goods with dragon fruits to reduce wastage.

Subsequently, Kao Sieu Luc of ABC Bakery encouraged people and other food businesses to use dragon fruit by posting the recipe for dragon fruit baguettes on the company's official Facebook page.

This piqued the public's interest, and pictures of such goods now trend on the internet.

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