Kit Kat has been in the confectionery business for decades having enjoyed great success worldwide.

If there's anything they're known for, it is their dedication to finding the best ways to deliver the chocolate goodness many label a delicious respite from everyday worries.

Just between 2019 and 2020, we have had the opportunity to enjoy numerous flavors inspired by traditional desserts including pumpkin pie, birthday cake, Biscoff, a mocha + chocolate duo, cotton candy and so many more.

But just when we thought there couldn't be any more, here is news of their amusing decision to create the key lime pie flavor!

The new Kit Kats will include the iconic crisp wafers coated in a key lime pie-flavored creme. We’re imagining the wafers will have a similar flavor as the graham cracker crust on a real pie.


The limited edition Key Lime Pie Kit Kats will reportedly arrive in major retailer stores in April 2021, right around the springtime. We plan to be first in line to sample them!

So far, there has only been a sneak peek of the candy's wrap on Instagram but we are sure on the lookout for news of it hitting stores.

It would deservedly be a delicious way to roll in the new year thanks to Kit Kat!