Korean Pancakes: the tasty Pajeon recipe to enjoy Korean scallion pancakes

Total time: 30 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 6 people
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110 g (3/4 cup)
130 ml (1/2 cup)
Extra virgin olive oil

Pancakes and omelets are some of our favorite breakfast options. It’s a great way to add more veg to your diet and is a healthy way to start the day. But don’t just stop at breakfast, you can serve these Korean Scallion Pancakes at any time of the day—lunch, dinner, or an appetizer!

These pancakes, also known as pajeon or pa jun, are crispy and full of flavor. It’s usually served with a spicy soy dipping sauce. While you can regularly find it in restaurants, we believe it’s best when it’s homemade! Add veggies you have on hand, in fact it’s a great way to empty the fridge.


Korean Pancake Ingredients

Flour – use all-purpose or cake flour.

Carrots – use fresh carrots or see our tips below for other veggie ideas.

Zucchini – use fresh (not frozen) zucchini.

Onion – red onions.

Salt – or use your favorite seasoning blend.


If you’re looking for a shortcut, you can use Korean Pancake Mix, you will find this in specialty stores.

For veggies that release a lot of moisture (like spinach or mushrooms), you must make sure to sauté the veggies beforehand and cook until all the moisture is removed.

To keep the pancakes from burning, keep the heat on medium. If it’s too high, the pancakes will burn before it’s completely cooked through.


Korean Scallion Pancake Variations

Any veggies, when thinly cut, will work with this recipe. Try any of the following: red peppers, mushrooms, white onion, sweet corn, spinach, fresh herbs like basil, oregano, cilantro, or parsley.

Add cheese—parmesan, feta cheese, cheddar, and mozzarella will all work.

If you want to make it meatier, you can also add cooked ground beef, chopped ham, or shredded rotisserie chicken. Seafood will also work great in Korean pancakes: use crab meat, tuna, or prawns (must be cooked beforehand!).

Turn the pancakes into muffins. Scoop the mixture into a muffin tin (sprayed with cooking spray) and bake until golden and cooked through.

How To Store Korean Pancakes

Leftover pancakes can be stored in the fridge (in an airtight container) for up to 3 days.

Reheat in a skillet, Airfryer, or oven to improve crispiness.

Can You Freeze Korean Pancakes?

Yes, they can! Cool the cooked pancakes completely. Place in a Ziploc bag, in between layers of parchment paper, and freeze for up to 3 months.

Reheat the frozen pancakes in a skillet with a bit of oil.

How To Make Korean Pancakes 

In a bowl add the flour and water and whisk to combine well together. Add the salt and mix until you get a smooth batter.

Cut the vegetables—the thinner they will be, the better they will cook.

Dip the vegetables into the batter and mix well.

Heat the oil in a pan and, and use a spoon form the pancakes.

Let them brown on both sides. Serve and enjoy!


Make sure to slice all the vegetables thinly—this will ensure quick and even cooking!

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