Krispy Kreme to give customers a treat for upcoming St. Patrick’s Day – Green Donuts!

Is your favorite snack donuts? If yes, then you are probably a big fan of Krispy Kreme's! Well, here's some good news for you, the famous donut company will sell holiday-themed treats to honor St. Patrick's Day – that will also include a special donut they have adorably named the leprechaun trap donut!

By Cookist

Krispy Kreme, Inc. is one famous food company; over the years, it has grown to be favorited by millions of customers. This can be attributed to their creativity and ingenuity when it comes to satisfying their customers.

One such way they do this is honoring holiday seasons by creating special themed treats; in fact, devoted fans look forward to what new kind of donut the company will be putting on the market every festive season.

Whether it is Christmas, Halloween, Easter, you can count on Krispy Kreme to give you something special. This time, they are going to start selling green doughnuts to celebrate St. Patrick's Day along with their customers.

This includes a large variety of donuts of unique flavors and great aesthetics. There is the chocolate iced donut with green Kreme, cake batter with green icing, strawberry coated with St. Patrick's Day sprinkles, and Oreo cookies & Kreme with green icing drizzle.

Most importantly, Krispy Kreme will release their new donut, the Leprechaun Trap donut, that features a design of a leprechaun trapped in a pot of gold!

There is no doubt that this particular donut will be the most famous this holiday season. Unfortunately, it will only be made available in limited quantities every day of the time the treats will be on sale.

According to reports, the sales will start on Saturday, March 14, and end on Tuesday, March 17, which is St. Patrick's Day!

Wouldn't it be especially nice to get the Leprechaun Trap? Not only is it yummy, but you also get to show it off because not everyone will be getting this "limited edition" treat!

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