L.A. Taco Restaurant Develops “Emergency” Package That Contains Tacos And Toilet Paper

Thanks to coronavirus, many food businesses now offer takeouts. One such is Guerilla Tacos, L.A. However, this restaurant is not making news because of this but because they now offer their customers an emergency package that contains toilet paper along with any order. This was reportedly inspired by the uprising hoarding of toilet paper and its short supply about grocery stores.

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The coronavirus pandemic has created bad business for many restaurants as people are generally advised to stay self-quarantined in their homes.

Most restaurants like Guerilla Tacos now offer food take outs or delivery to their customers. However, they are taking things a notch ahead by adding rolls of toilet paper to the package.

The brain behind this unnatural but fantastic addition is Chef Wes Avila. He created the emergency taco kit for his Arts District restaurant.

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Tacos churros

This package contains enough food for a four-person taco dinner, as well as an equal number of rolls of toilet paper. Avila's motivation is the anxious hoarding and fights that have been going on in grocery stores about the United States.

Avila's kit, which reportedly costs $150, can be ordered via their website and picked up through a window at the restaurant.

Every order includes four rolls of toilet paper, five pounds of roasted chicken, five pounds of carne asada, a quart red salsa, a quart green salsa, tortillas, onion, cilantro, rice, beans, and 30 eggs.

Yum, right?

Avila's initiative comes a few days after the governmental directive that bars and nightclubs be shut down and restaurants only to be allowed to offer deliveries and takeouts.

This is to promote social distancing, which is known to be very useful in limiting the spread of COVID-19. Although it is bad for business, it can't be denied that helping people stay alive and healthy is most important at this time.

Always: Practice good hand hygiene, teach your children its importance, and stay self-quarantined if possible!

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