Keeping off from red meat has been the norm for people trying to lose weight. In fact, in the world of health fanatics, red meat is the forbidden food! Read on to know about some of the “healthier” red meat choices that you may delve in to occasionally without cheating on your diet.

In today’s time when people prefer to eat something new and exciting each day, it kind of gets monotonous for people on restrictive diets to always eat similar kind of food. For a majority of healthy eating enthusiasts, the platter rotates between chicken, fish, and turkey, as the red meat has a higher quantity of cholesterol and saturated fatty acid than the white meat. While most of the red meats are fairly unhealthy there are still some cuts that are much leaner in the fat proportion.

  • Bison. This cut of meat is fairly low in calories at about 146 calories per 100g of ground meat. Being a great source of protein, iron, and low in cholesterol and fat, bison is a flavorful option for meat lovers who intend to eat healthyily.
  • Beef. Lean cuts of beef such as the loin, sirloin, and round are a fairly better option that provides fewer calories from the saturated fat and lesser amount of cholesterol. But, you have to be more vigilant in selecting the right type of beef and choose the ones which are labeled as “select” and “choice”. Avoid the ones which are graded as “prime” as these may have more fats that result in the marbling appearance of beef. Of all the beef grades, pick “select” as your preferred option as it is usually the leanest of the three grades. Each 100g serve of select grade beef tenderloin provides mere 148 calories, approximately 6g fat, 22g protein, and 61mg cholesterol.
  • Veal. This is the meat of young cattle and is a little high in cholesterol than the beef meat. The best cuts of this tender meat are the loin chop, rib chop, sirloin, and top round.  These cut of veal meat are the leanest and you should avoid picking veal cutlets and breast cuts as they tend to be fattier. Each 100g serving of lean cuts of veal provides anything between 200 to 270 calories.
  • Lamb. The meat from the shank half of leg is proportionately lower in calories and fat than rest of the lamb meat. This lean cut of lamb provides merely 201 calories in each 100g serving.
  • Pork. Lean cuts of pork provide a good quantity of protein and B vitamins. Pork tenderloin also provides approximately 120 calories and 3g of fat per 3oz serving.