Proteins are the essential nutrients to provide energy to the body, but to avoid consuming often meat and food of animal origin, it is necessary to also focus on vegetal proteins. Unrefined cereals, brown rice, spelt, barley, millet, legumes, vegetables and seafood are foods that contain them in large quantities. Because they are low-fat, vegetal proteins help to reduce the risk of mortality and this is also demonstrated by a study conducted by Harvard Medical School of Boston and published in "Jama Internal Medicine".

In particular, for 32 years researchers have studied and kept under control the eating habits of a group of men and women and the results have been clear. When the amount of animal protein ingested increased, the probability of developing cardiovascular disease also increased, a thing that was not recorded among those who had consumed vegetable-derived proteins. Natural proteins would also be able to prevent strokes, Alzheimer's disease and all degenerative diseases.


Naturally, benefits are much more evident among smokers, drinkers of at least 14 grams of alcohol per day, overweight or obese people, physically inactive people and people aged under 65 or over 80. Legumes, especially beans, lentils, chickpeas, peas, lupin beans, but also soy products such as milk, yogurt, tofu and tempeh must be absolutely included in your diet. In short, all those who want to remain healthy have just to reduce the consumption of meat, promoting vegetable-based products.