Light Whipped Coffee Cream: the delicious recipe with water

Total time: 10 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 8 people
By Cookist
Instant Coffee
35 g
170 g
Cold Water
200 ml
to garnish
Bitter cocoa powder
white chocolate chips

The light whipped coffee cream is the super light variant of the classic cold coffee cream. It is prepared with only three ingredients: water, sugar and soluble coffee, so neither cream nor milk are added. Thanks to the electric mixer, you will obtain a whipped mousse with a frothy consistency just like the coffeehouse but without fats and not excessively sweet.

Fresh and quick, this whipped coffee cream is perfect to be enjoyed as a dessert at the end of a meal, served in cups and garnished with white chocolate chips and bitter cocoa powder, or at breakfast, on top of your latte, to accentuate all the flavor.


The tip to obtain a perfect coffee cream is to use cold, almost ice-cold water; so before using it, let it cool in the freezer for 15 minutes.

You can replace soluble coffee with the decaffeinated version, for those who do not tolerate caffeine, but avoid ginseng, preparations for cappuccino, mocha coffee or espresso from the machine, all these things are not good to make cream.

The final result of this light whipped coffee cream is not excessively sweet; for this reason you can dose sugar and coffee, increasing or decreasing the doses a little, so as to bring them closer to your taste.

For a super light version, replace the sugar with erythritol, stevia, honey or another sweetener of your taste.

If you wish, you can decorate your coffee cream with dark or white chocolate chips, coffee beans (also covered with chocolate) and dried fruit grains; you can also sprinkle the bottom of the cups with melted chocolate, then add the mousse.

If you liked this recipe, try also the coffee and mascarpone cream.

How to store Light Whipped Coffee Cream

You can store the light coffee cream in the freezer, in a special glass container; it will still remain soft and ready to use for a couple of days. In the refrigerator, however, it will tend to break. If this happens, mix it again with the electric whisk.

How to make Light Whipped Coffee Cream


Sift the instant coffee (1).


Collect the coffee in the bowl of a stand mixer and add the sugar (2).


Pour the water, a little at a time, and mix to dissolve slightly (3).


Start the stand mixer and whip the cream with the electric whisk, at maximum speed, for at least 5 minutes. You will need to obtain a very frothy mixture (4).


Transfer the cream to a container (5) and place in the freezer until ready to serve.


At this point, transfer the cream into individual cups and garnish with a little bit of bitter cocoa powder (6) and, if desired, with white chocolate chips.


Bring to the table and serve (7).

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