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Little Washington Inn Plans To Host Mannequins To Make Dining Halls Feel ‘Less Empty’

The Inn is one of the most highly recommended hot spots in Little Washington, and accordingly, so too. They serve delicious meals in a vintage atmosphere that ensures that customers feel special while dining. Now, the restaurant is taking on an unusual twist with the new directive that they prepare to reopen amid the pandemic – they are going to seat mannequins dressed in a retro fashion to help customers maintain social distancing!

By Cookist

Governmental bodies are making plans to reopen their economies all over the world, which requires easing restrictions initially laid down to prevent transmission of the coronavirus.

This means that restaurants will be allowed to entertain customers in their dining rooms again with the condition that only a limited capacity of people can dine at a time in any restaurant.

Many restaurant owners are indeed taking the plans in stride by finding unique ways to help customers have the best dining experience while they still maintain social distancing to limit the spread of COVID-19.

At Little Inn, a restaurant that has been awarded three Michelin stars, the initiative is to make the clients feel comfortable and "less awkward" while social distancing in their dining room.

Thus, chef Patrick O'Connell's somewhat bizarre plans to seat mannequins dressed in high-end retro outfits at unused tables. This way, the seats won't be left empty and – hopefully! – customers will enjoy their meals while relaxed.

For now, The Inn plans to open for dinner on Friday, May 29, while strictly adhering to the half-capacity rule mandated by the government.

While the workers await reopening, they are hard at work designing the new art project in collaboration with Arlington's Signature Theater and Design Foundry.

Considering that the restaurant is already trendy for its top-rated meals and hospitality, the unusual but amazingly aesthetic addition may just stamp their label as the best restaurant in Little Washington!

Image credits: TheInnatLittleWashington

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