Make your Christmas very special and realize these fantastic DIY ideas

Diy Christmas fantastic ideas.

By Cookist

Christmas holidays are magic and the the cities become unique with lights, decorations and songs. Take this atmosphere in your house too and make wonderful diy ideas.


1. Christmas tree napkin: fold a green napkin and realize a tree. This a great idea to make a place card for your table.

2. Melt wax crayons in a plastic ball (using a phon) and make a colorful Christmas ball.

3. Using pasta make a snowflake and paint with white. Use red ribbon for details.

4. Take an old crutch and turn it using pliers. Open the crutch and insert many Christmas balls. Make a fantastic garland and hang it on your door.

5. Cut a roll of toilet paper as the video shows and wrap the red wool. Then make a beautiful hat to hang on the tree.

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