Read on to know how you can make a natural bleach alternative at home!

Bleach is an effective cleaner that can sanitize the area by killing a majority of germs. While commercially available bleach is highly potent against many disease-causing microorganisms, it also gives out harmful fumes that can damage our respiratory and nervous system. Combining it with harsh chemicals and cleaners possess a greater risk to our health and the environment.


Here is how you can make your own natural bleach that can leave the house and clothes clean and sparkling without hurting and damaging the environment. The ingredients used to prepare this bleach are

2 tablespoons of citric acid (for effective cleaning)

A ¾ cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide (effective stain remover and whitener)

A ¼ cup of lemon juice (effective stain remover and brightener)

20 drops of lemon essential oil (for fragrance)

Filter water

To prepare this bleach, add peroxide into an amber glass jar followed by fresh lemon juice and citric acid. Gently swirl all the ingredients for the citric acid to dissolve. Now, add enough water to fill the jar up. Add the lemon essential oil and swirl the jar again to mix all the ingredients in it. Now, you can use this bleach to clean the laundry, stained clothes, mirror, toilets, and your house in general.