The mallow tisane is excellent against intestinal disorders: it helps in case of constipation and it is excellent for relieving the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome. Let's discover the healthy characteristics of this tisane.

Mallow is a typical plant of tropical regions that is divided into about 1000 species, all quite useful for our health. In particular, the mallow tisane has soothing properties for the intestine, the skin, the mucous membrane and the digestive system, thanks to the mucilage, an agent that adhere to the soft tissues and alleviate the symptoms, even in the case of colds, coughs , bronchitis, and sore throat. The mallow tisane is also excellent against intestinal disorders, in case of constipation (even chronic) or irritable bowel. But let’s discover the healthy characteristics of this tisane on the intestine.

Mallow tisane: benefits and uses against constipation and irritable bowel

The dried leaves and flowers that are used to prepare the mallow tisane are rich in mucilage that help in case of constipation: the mucilage is a polysaccharide substance that, in contact with water, produces a gel that helps increasing the fecal mass softening it, and that stimulates the abdominal walls to contract, making defecation easier. For this reason, the mallow tisane is an excellent remedy against constipation (even chronic).

Mallow mucilage is also effective for relieving irritable bowel syndrome symptoms, a very frequent disorder often caused by stress and anxiety and that presents constipation or episodes of diarrhea, in addition to cramps in the lower abdomen and mucus in the stool. Mallow can soothe these disorders thanks to its anti-inflammatory and emollient properties which have a soothing effect on the inflamed colon. The gel that is formed in the intestine thanks to the mucilage eliminates inflammation and regulates the intestine by providing a light laxative, non-aggressive action, and for this reason the mallow tisane is also recommended for children and elderly people.

The mallow tisane, in addition to bringing benefits in cases of intestinal disorders, helps also to fight colds, sore throat, cough, stomach cramps and it is also able to soothe the skin in cases of eczema, acne and insect bites. In addition, the mallow tisane also helps to promote sleep, especially when the cough does not allow us to rest well. In these cases, you can also prepare a mallow syrup: let macerate 100 grams of mallow root in a liter of cold water for a whole day, then boil it for 20 minutes, let it cool and then filter. Melt 500 grams of honey in the syrup and pour the liquid into a dark bottle. Take two tablespoons of it before going to bed.