• Eggplants 2 large
  • Extra virgin olive oil 60 grams
  • White wine vinegar 1 tablespoon
  • Garlic 1 clove
  • Chili pepper 1
  • Oregano as much as is needed
  • Salt as much as is needed • 1 kcal
  • Pepper as much as is needed
Calories refers to 100 gr of product

The marinated eggplants are a nice and tasty side dish, perfect to serve for summer lunches and dinners with family or friends. The sliced ​​eggplants will be first grilled and then marinated with a mix of oil, vinegar, garlic, oregano and chilli pepper. The preparation is fast but, to obtain the perfect marinated eggplants, it is important to let them rest in the marinade for at least 6 hours, preferably also all night, so as to best mix the flavors. Once ready, you can also serve them as a summer appetizer or for a buffet, as well as a side dish to accompany meat, fish but also salami and dairy products, according to your needs. So let’s see how to prepare them.

How to prepare marinated eggplants

Wash the eggplants, cut them into slices of about ½  centimeter (1) and put them in salt for 30 minutes: cover them with a weight, so as to eliminate the water. After the necessary time, rinse and dry them well. Grill them on both sides on a hot grill (2) or roast them in a lightly oiled non-stick pan. As soon as they are ready, place them in a casserole dish (3).

Put the oil, white wine vinegar, salt, pepper, sliced ​​garlic, chopped chilli pepper and oregano in a bowl (4). Stir and pour the dressing over the eggplants (5). Close the casserole dish with plastic wrap and let it rest in the refrigerator for at least 5-6 hours or overnight. Your marinated eggplants are ready to be served (6).


You can add your favorite herbs to the marinated eggplants; especially minced mint and parsley. In addition, you can also add capers that go very well with chili pepper.

White wine vinegar, on the other hand, can be replaced with balsamic vinegar or apple vinegar, according to your tastes and availability.

If you love marinades, try also the recipe for marinated zucchini.


You can preserve the marinated eggplants in the refrigerator for up to 5 days in a container or in an airtight jar. The marinade must completely cover the eggplants to preserve them in the best way.