McDonald’s Phasing Out Self-Serve Soda Fountains: What You Need to Know

McDonald's is undergoing a significant change in its dining experience – the removal of self-serve soda fountains across its US locations. Here's the scoop on why this iconic fast-food chain is making the switch.

By Cookist

Say farewell to the familiar self-serve soda machines at McDonald's. The fast-food giant is gradually phasing them out in its dining rooms throughout the US, with a complete transition planned by 2032. So, why the change?

Safety First

Food safety is a top priority for McDonald's. Self-serve machines can pose hygiene risks as multiple customers handle them. To mitigate these concerns, McDonald's is introducing an automated crew pour system, minimizing contact and ensuring a safer dining experience.


Theft Prevention

Self-serve setups can lead to beverage theft. By moving to the crew pour system, McDonald's aims to prevent this issue and provide fair service to all customers.

Enhancing Dining

McDonald's wants to create a more enjoyable dine-in atmosphere, complete with table service. Eliminating self-serve soda fountains aligns with this vision, focusing on improving your overall experience.

Digital Revolution


With the rise of digital ordering, more people are choosing takeout or ordering through apps. Self-serve soda fountains are becoming less relevant in this evolving landscape, prompting McDonald's to adapt to changing customer preferences.

Overall, although change can be challenging, McDonald's transition away from self-serve soda fountains promises a safer, more secure, and enjoyable dining experience. As the fast-food industry evolves, expect more exciting developments that enhance your visits to the golden arches.

Embrace the changes, and your next meal at McDonald's is sure to be even better!

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