Last month, November, McDonald's announced the joyous news that their famous McRib sandwiches will make a comeback in early December. This time, the sandwiches will be made available at all of their 14,400 branches across the United States!

And according to the famous food company, "facial hair and the McRib just don't mix!"

In a recent press release, David Tovar, Vice President of US Communications, said:

"Our bearded fans know… facial hair and the McRib just don't mix—believe me, I've tried. With the nationwide return of the McRib, we're helping fans enjoy every delectable moment by encouraging them to shave for a chance to win a free McRib. And we're excited this year to partner with No-Shave November, a charity that knows a thing or two about facial hair."

The initiative makes the first of its kind in nearly a decade Since McDonald's has put the McRib sandwiches on sale. It is just amazing that this time, they have decided to make an effort to bring awareness to the non-profit organization which raises money for cancer research.

If interested in the challenge, fans must have a freshly shaven face, take a photo of it and then post it on social media to raise awareness about the ongoing challenge.

If you don't want to lose out on a free McRib sandwich, then you'd better get going. Surely not many will pass up this exquisite offer. Even better, you'll be contributing to a worthy cause — eradicating cancer!