Unless you've been living under a rock, you are probably already aware of the widespread trend of making mini-sized versions of common pastries. These are termed cereals and are typically enjoyed with just about anything based on personal preference.

When it was the mini-pancakes and mini-waffles, people loved to enjoy them with maple syrup or honey. For the newest, mini-croissants, it is a bowl of milk!

There are numerous ways to prepare the mini croissant recipes, each a variant of the base recipe. It is easy to try out and only requires basic ingredients.

The croissant base is puff pastry, which you may decide to make from scratch or purchase at a store. The pastry dough is cut into mini triangles before being rolled up and baked.

The product is a tray full of perfectly golden miniature croissants ready to be eaten immediately. It is typically paired with a bowl of milk like the typical cereal, but there is nothing more welcome than innovative ideas.

Some people have introduced eating the mini-croissants with sliced fruits and syrups. One particularly popular and delicious TikTok recipe suggestion combines the mini croissants with Biscoff cookie butter and Nutella, making it a creative replica of a sundae.

Although the mini-croissants rave may die down as quickly as it arrived, there is no gainsaying that it is one of the unique recipes born out of the worldwide lockdown directive. Here's to hoping for more such delicious ideas!

Image credits: ChefSteps