Mini focaccias: easy, quick and super delicious!

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What’s better than traditional focaccia? These mini bite-sized focaccia breads! Inspired by the classic Italian focaccia, this recipe creates an easy, bite-sized appetizer known as “focaccine” (mini focaccia) in Italian. They have the soft and fluffy texture you’d expect from classic focaccia…and best of all? You don’t need any special ingredients. With a few basic pantry ingredients (all-purpose flour, baking powder, milk, and vegetable oil), you can whip up a batch of mini focaccia and serve them for a party or special occasion. They’re also great for making ahead of time. Serve them on their own, with a spread of hummus, or as a base for mini pizzas!


For added texture and flavor, sprinkle coarse sea salt (like Maldon Sea Salt flakes) over the mini focaccia before baking.

You can also top the mini focaccia bread with fresh herbs, blue cheese, chopped sundried tomatoes, diced onions, parmesan cheese, or pepperoni.

If the dough is sticky, don’t be tempted to add more flour, this will result in a dense dough.

To prevent the dough from sticking to the baking pan, grease it with enough olive oil.

Make mini focaccia Genovese by adding thinly sliced onions and pitted green olives to the bread surface before baking.

Use high-protein bread flour for the best texture and flavor.

For best results, use the weight measurements, as these are more accurate than using cup measurements.

You can also bake the mini focaccia in an Airfryer, put the rounds in an Airfryer basket, and bake for about 6 minutes.

What To Serve With Mini Focaccia Bread.

Serve the mini focaccia as a side to a saucy pasta. Or serve it as an appetizer, with balsamic vinegar and olive oil dip. You can also spread them with hummus, basil or sundried tomato pesto.

How To Store Mini Focaccia

Store the mini focaccia in an airtight container (at room temperature) for up to 2 days.

Can You Freeze Mini Focaccia

The Mini Focaccia can also be frozen! Simply wrap the bread tightly with plastic wrap, and then add another layer of foil. Freeze for up to 3 months.

All purpose flour
Baking powder
1 tsp
Lukewarm milk
Vegetable Oil


Sift flour, baking powder, and salt into a large bowl. Whisk to combine.

Pour the warm milk and vegetable oil into the dry mixture and mix with a fork until you get a shaggy dough.

Pour the warm milk and vegetable oil into the dry mixture and mix with a fork until you get a shaggy dough.

Knead the dough until smooth, then form it into a ball, cover and let sit for 20 minutes.

Roll the dough out into a disk around 2.5 cm (1 inch) thick.

Cut out 5 cm (2 inches) circles. Gather the scraps of the dough and repeat until no dough is left.

Cook the focaccia buns in a dry pan, over medium-low heat, for 2-3 minutes. Keep covered with a lid while cooking.

Flip and cook under the lid for 2-3 minutes more. Serve and enjoy!

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