Mussels Marinara: The Traditional Recipe of Mussels Marinara

Total time: 30 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 2 people
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800 g
2 cloves
as much as it is needed
Extra-virgin olive oil
Black pepper
as much as it is needed

The mussels marinara are a tasty fish appetizer simple and fast to prepare, you just must clean the mussels and make them open in a frying pan. Despite its simplicity, this basic recipe always manages to surprise the palate.

How to Prepare the Mussels Marinara

Clean the mussels by washing them under running water and scrape the outer surface (1). Put the mussels in a large pot with a bit of oil and the two crushed cloves of garlic (2). Add the parsley and a pinch of pepper (3). Cover the pot with the lid and let them cook over high heat for five minutes until the mussels open. Blend occasionally during the cooking phase. Serve the mussels with a few slices of lemon and croutons.


Pasta with mussels marinara
The broth of mussels marinara is extremely tasty and it is a pity to waste it. In fact, usually, at the end of a nice dish of mussels, you can dunk some bread in it. But you can also use it to season a nice spaghetti dinner. Be careful, however, do not add salt to the pasta, because the mussels are particularly sapid and so it is their broth. Boil the spaghetti and season them with the mussels and their broth.

What Kind of Wine to Drink with Mussels Marinara
The best wine to combine with mussels marinara is a Falanghina, a white wine, fresh and fragrant that goes perfectly with fish and specifically with mussels. Keep the wine in the refrigerator until ready to serve, to preserve its aromas. As an alternative to Falaghina, you can serve a Gavi.

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