Myth Or Fact: Drinking Coffee On An Empty Stomach Is Harmful To Your Health

Coffee is a must-have every morning for many people but that hasn't erased the common saying that drinking it without eating first should be prohibited. This is because it may irritate your stomach lining and stimulate adverse reactions from your digestive system. Is that factual or merely unfounded speculation? Here's what medical doctors think.

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As many have come to find, coffee is the fastest way to give yourself that much-needed boost every morning of a working day. That also means that it is commonly the first thing many people ingest, even way before thinking of a real meal.

But will doing that really give you digestion problems like some people believe? No — at least for now.

According to expert studies, coffee’s bitterness may stimulate the production of stomach acid. This has caused many to believe that coffee can worsen symptoms of digestive disorders like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and causes heartburn, ulcers, nausea, acid reflux, and indigestion.


Furthermore, many speculate that you can avoid this by eating first so that the food acts as a barrier between the coffee and your stomach lining.

Yet, there's still no science study that can fully assert that there's a strong and direct link between coffee and digestive probkems — whether you drink it after eating or otherwise.

Instead doctors say that there's only a small fraction of people that exhibit extreme sensitivity to coffee and regularly experience heartburn, vomiting, or indigestion. Also, the frequency and severity of the symptoms in such cases remain constant regardless of whether they drink it on an empty stomach or with food.


However, that shouldn't stop you from monitoring the way your body responds to those daily doses of coffee you love. If you experience digestive issues after drinking coffee on an empty stomach but not when drinking it with a meal, consider adjusting your intake accordingly.


Although Coffee increases the production of stomach acid, there are only a few cases of it causing digestive problems. Therefore, you can drink it on an empty stomach. However if you have noticed any sensitivity to coffee, whether you drink it on an empty stomach or otherwise, it is best that you minimise your intake.

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